Street Department

Main Street/Hwy116 Project
As some of you have probably recently noticed, there are all sorts of stakes and paint marks that were recently placed along Main Street/State Highway 116. These stakes have been placed by OMNNI Associate for the real estate acquisition that is necessary for the Main Street Reconstruction project.  WisDOT has been reviewing impacts that the project may have on each property, and they will be contacting property owners in the future to further discuss impacts.  There are three different types of acquisition for project as follows:

  • Right-of-way acquisition- Areas where additional road right-of-way is required has been marked with orange stakes or paint marks.  These areas are needed to accommodate the proposed roadway and sidewalks.   
  • Permanent limited easements (PLE’s)- There are few locations outside of the right-of-way marked with green stakes or paint marks where there are either existing or proposed drainage structures.  In these locations, PLE’s will be acquired which gives a legal right to enter property to perform any required future maintenance on the drainage structures.
  • Temporary limited easements (TLE’s)- TLE’s of varying width are required throughout the project, and they have been marked with pink stakes or paint marks.  The purpose of a TLE is to give temporary access to property beyond the right-of-way to properly blend the grade of the new sidewalk into the adjacent driveways, yards and parking lots.  TLE’s are temporary and terminate after the completion of construction project.

    We believe this project will be a great success for the community and will improve the quality of the roadway. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kirk Ruetten, Public Works Director at 920-582-4381.