Fishing Pier Information

As of April 1, 2021, all residents and visitors age 16 and older are required to purchase either a daily pier pass ($5.00) or an annual pier pin ($20.00) in order to use the fishing piers next to the Hwy 116 bridge over the Wolf River. This mirrors the DNR requirements for fishing licenses. If the DNR requires you to have a fishing license, then you are required to have a daily pier pass or an annual pier pin to fish off of the Winneconne Fishing Piers.

The piers are located next to Fin 'n Feather and off of 1st Ave by Wolf River Resorts.

Fishing Pins may be purchased at the Village of Winneconne Municipal Center on the South 1st Street, Wolf River Resorts, Critter's Wolf River Sports and Talk of the Town.

Parking: There is a car parking lot off of 1st Ave that includes a bathroom and the Winneconne Chamber of Commerce Hut with various Winneconne information in it. There is a boat and car parking lot towards the boat landing just north of the Fin 'n Feather parking lot. This includes a boat trailer parking terminal and a bathroom.

Common question - Do I have to pay if I'm just sitting on the pier or talking pictures?
NO! Please enjoy them. The fee only applies when you are fishing. If you would still like to donate to the maintenance of the piers, feel free to still get the collectable pin for $20.