Incentives and Resources

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) is a governmental finance tool that the Village of Winneconne uses to provide funds to construct public infrastructure, promote development opportunities and expand the future tax base. TIF assistance in Winneconne is only used when the proposed development would not occur "but for" Village assistance. The proposed development should meet the following goals:
  • The redevelopment of the areas that are blighted or in need of redevelopment;
  • The attraction of new industrial uses and employment centers;
  • The assistance to other projects of special community interests:
  • The establishment of new employment opportunities for our residents;
  • The expansion of our local tax base.

Facade Improvement Program
There is a Village of Winneconne Facade Improvement Program (FIP) which offers loans to businesses at a below market interest rate to improve the physical characteristics of their Main Street facade. 

Development Revenue Bonds
These bonds provide financing for qualified redevelopment projects within the Village of Winneconne. These bonds must be used in a way to accomplish the following public benefits:
  • An increase in the Village's tax base
  • The elimination or prevention of substandard, deteriorated, unsanitary and blighted areas
  • The provision and retention of gainful employment opportunities for the citizens of the Village
  • The stimulation of the flow of investment capital into the Village with resultant beneficial effects upon the economy in the Village