Walking Paths

Winneconne's scenery and friendly people makes it an ideal community in which to enjoy the great outdoors. Many people take advantage of the various walking paths within the Village. Whether you want to walk to improve your health, or if you just need a breath of fresh air, consider exploring one of Winneconne's walking paths. Walking works for Winneconne, and it can work for you too!

For more information on the health benefits of walking contact the visit the Winnebago County Health Department or call 920-232-3000.

Walking Paths1

Walking Paths2

If you're looking for the best routes for walking and bicycling in Winnebago County, there is a new resource for you! The Winnebago County Trails Map, put together by the Winnebago County Bike/Ped Stakeholder Team, shows paved and unpaved routes, trails and facilities along with important amenities and features like public restrooms, points of interest, pet friendly areas, and fix-it stations. The online map works on any smart device and printed maps will be available soon.