Street Department

Policy Regarding Mailboxes, Garbage cans and Snow
With snow comes the snowplows, and with plowing there are inevitable mailbox casualties. It’s a situation that is the result of the conflict between two important services: getting mail delivered, and getting roads cleared to ensure all traffic, including the mail delivery vehicles, can pass safely.

We allow people to put their mailboxes in the right-of-way as a courtesy. But the Village is required to keep roads passable for traffic, and these public safety concerns outweigh any damage that might be done to mailboxes in the process.

Mailboxes and posts in good condition generally withstand the force of snow plowed against them. Often, it’s not the impact of a plow blade that takes the mailbox out, it’s the slush and the snow impact that will either knock the box off the post or bend the box.

The Village regrets any damage to mailboxes and/or supports occurring as a result of road maintenance. By law, the Village has no legal responsibility for personal property claims while in the course of its governmental function. However, when a mailbox is damaged during snow removal, the Public Works Department will repair or replace the mailbox and/or supports ONLY if the mailbox was hit by the snowplow blade.

Please keep in mind that repairs might not be immediate. Claims of mailbox damage must be reported within 48 hours of the alleged damage to the Village of Winneconne at (920-582-4381).

Garbage cans should not be placed in the road, they should be placed on your driveway apron or a cleared spot on the public right of way.

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