Public Works

The Public Works Department is the cornerstone of local government serving the residents of the Village of Winneconne in many different ways. Each section within the Department reflects a specific community’s needs directly impacting all the residents in the Village. In general, the Department maintains municipal property and provides essential resources and services. This includes the operation and maintenance of the Village’s 17.2 miles of roads, clean water system, wastewater system, refuse and recycling pick up, and parks and cemetery development. 

The Public Works Department has a less noticeable side which provides many necessary services such as mapping and assisting in the plans for Village public improvements and infrastructure development projects. The Public Works Director manages the staff, daily operations, code enforcement, emergency services and special projects in order to maintain a basic quality of life for residents. All the work done on this side of the department is the driving force behind the designing, planning, and management for projects within the Village.

Street Reconstruction
In 2023, the Village will be:
  • Repaving N. 5th Street (between Main and Birch, Utilities were replaced in 2022)
  • Reconstruct Cleveland (Between S. 3rd Street and S. 1st Street)
  • Reconstruct 1st Street (Between Adams and Cleveland)
  • Reconstruct Meadow Ln (Between S. 1st Avenue and S. 5th Avenue)

The Department of Public Works for the Village of Winneconne provides multiple services to the residents. These services include:

Street Maintenance
Public Works maintains 17.2 miles of streets. This includes plowing, salting, painting, sweeping, shouldering, catch basin repair/cleanout, crack sealing, cold/ hot patching and much more.

Sanitary Sewer
The Village also operates a municipally-owned sanitary sewer collection system. The system includes sewer mains, laterals, lift stations, and an extended aeration treatment facility.

This department also keeps Winneconne's parks looking beautiful by maintaining their buildings and grounds.

Water System
The Village operates a municipally-owned water system that provides for the community's needs. The system includes two wells and two water towers. During an average month, the system provides 5,000,000 gallons of well water to its customers!

Waste & Recycling
Public Works handles refuse collection, brush/yard waste, and recycling. The Village contracts its refuse collection and recycling services.

  • Specific duties of the Public Works Director include the following:
  • Oversees and supervises the maintenance and light repair of Village-owned vehicles.
  • Oversees and supervises the maintenance and repair of all Village-owned buildings and grounds.
  • Oversees and supervises the maintenance and repair of the Village’s sanitary sewer collection system.
  • Oversees and supervises the maintenance and repair of the Village’s water system including well pumps, distribution lines and water towers.
  • Oversees and supervises the maintenance and repair of Village streets, public alleys, and public sidewalks.
  • Prepares recommendations on needed infrastructure improvements.
  • Supervises the Public Works Department, including staff.
  • Works with the Village Administrator and Public Works Committee to maintain the Village’s overall public works system and general maintenance program, the Village’s water and wastewater plant, and the Village's streets and buildings.

Office Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday 
12:00OM - 4:00 PM
Village Office
30 S. 1st Street
Winneconne, WI 
Phone: 920-582-4381
Fax: 920-582-0660

Public Works Garage
175 Washington Street
Winneconne, WI
Phone: 920-582-4381

WW Treatment Facility
300 Washington Street
Winneconne, WI
After Hours Emergencies:

Notice is hereby given pursuant of s. NR 210.21 (5) that the Village of Winneconne Wastewater Treatment Facility experienced a treatment facility overflow (TFO) event from 5:15 pm on August 28th2018 until 5:30 pm on August 28th 2018.  Water overflowed the aerated grit chamber and reached a channel leading to the Wolf River.

The TFO is the result of excessive precipitation on already saturated ground which in-flowed and infiltrated into the sanitary collection sewer system, hydraulically exceeding the design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant.  Village staff responded to the high flow conditions which mitigated the impacts to public health, the environment, and property.   The TFO event was reported to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources pursuant of NR 210.21 (4).
Published by the authority of the Village of Winneconne.