ATV/UTV Routes

ATVs in the Village

A few years ago, the Village of Winneconne Board of Trustees approved on street usage of ATVs. After several months of study, it was approved to name all streets in the Village an ATV route. This prevented one single street from continuous usage. All operators must have a valid driver's license to operate an ATV on Village Streets. Eye protection must be worn by any operator of an ATV and all passengers and operators under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. ATVs cannot operate on sidewalks except for snow removal. Headlights must be always illuminated, hand signals must be used when turning, ATVs must operate in single file, and speed limits are 25mph unless it is posted less than 25mph i.e., school zones. The hours of operation are 7a-11p.

The Winneconne Police has seen few problems with ATVs and hope to keep it that way. Our goal is to keep traffic moving safely throughout the Village.